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"I Was Raised by the Forest"
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I got bored and decided to make another links page bc they’ve been getting really popular so I found a pretty picture to go along with it and I hope you guys like it and find some of them useful!! I love making these hehe xx
The Way to EVERY Signs Heart
Your Zodiac Weakness
Understand your Horoscope Personality Traits
What NOT To say to each sign
Biggest Zodiac Mismatches
Zodiac gift ideas
A Beginners Guide to Astrology
How to Seduce a Gemini
Strange/Interesting Facts about:
Cancer  | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Libra | Virgo | Aquarius |
Disney Zodiac Signs
Kissing Styles by Zodiac Sign
If Each Zodiac Sign was a Drug…
Zodiac Signs in Bed…
Best job/career for YOUR zodiac sign
Best workout for YOUR zodiac sign
Best place to live for YOUR zodiac sign
Those are the good ones I could find! Enjoy :)
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Favorite gifs by thecurrentseala : compilation

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"I ignored your aura but it grabbed me by the hand, like the moon pulled the tide, and the tide pulled the sand."
Talib Kweli, Beautiful (via vacants)

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I missed you
but the sun still
rose and it still
warmed the earth.

I missed you
but the balmy
breeze still
blew my sister’s
sunkissed hair.

I missed you
but the birds
still chirped
and they still
landed on the
branches of
the trees.

I missed you
but the time
still passed just
like any other

I missed you
but the music
still sounded
the way it always

I missed you
but the keys
still fit in the
same locks on
the same doors.

I missed you
but the same
trains sped on
the train tracks.

I missed you
but the flowers
still bloom and
their scents still
fill the air.

I missed you
but the laughs
still filled the
park’s air.

I missed you
but the birthdays
and best days
of others lives
still went on.

I missed you
and I will always
miss you but life
still continues
to go on and
I suppose I will
have to accept
that you are no
longer mine.

Time.  (via dollpoetry)

(via dollpoetry)

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i’m checking out all new followers, and following back tons!
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this is so important
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presenting in class like


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